Methods for Specifying Acoustic Properties of Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms and Objects
The purpose of this document is to describe methods by which manufacturers and suppliers of ultrasonically tissue-mimicking phantoms can specify and measure the acoustic and elastographic properties of these phantoms. The document includes definitions for acoustic and elastographic quantities, suggests labeling parameters, and describes measurement methods. It also includes recommendations for labeling that will help users determine the extent of changes in properties occurring over time. This document has been revised substantially since the first edition, incorporating new measurement techniques and noting results of several interlaboratory comparisons of measurement results. These comparisons were done by groups measuring properties of samples of tissue-mimicking materials similar to the measurement processes described here. In addition, methods for measuring the nonlinearity parameter (B/A) of phantom materials have been incorporated, as well as techniques for determining the mechanical Young’s modulus.

This document is intended for use by tissue-mimicking phantom manufacturers when specifying the acoustic characteristics of their products. It is also intended for phantom users for specifying and selecting tissue-mimicking phantoms and for interpreting results of tests done with these devices.

(2014; 25 pgs) ISBN: 1-932962-32-8

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